“Secret Flame” jewelry collection concept

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.
(William Blake Auguries of Innocence)

A modern man lives in a complicated and ambiguous world very much resembling a large mechanism. Our knowledge of this world provides us with newer possibilities at the same time making us more dependable on our own inventions. Primordial link with the world is lost and a man falls into the power of material welfare forgetting about the real sense of life and thus ceasing to notice its colours. The striving for the lost harmony, search for it in the surrounding world is one of the main aims of a human’s life.

The “Secret Flame” is not considered to be an ordinary jewelry collection as we can interpret this notion. It is appealed to remind a man of his connection to the world of Nature, our “out landed” past. Though modern jewels are more and more often associated with the notion “adornment”, “decoration”, “expensive caprice”, not all of us often think about the fact that like all on the Earth they can be alive with the character, a special History of their own.

The “Secret Flame” consists of artifacts for those who love stories, who like to listen to them not for fun but for the ideas that lie in their existence. For “it is our point of staying on the Earth: to think, seek and listen attentively to the distant vanished sounds as there is our true homeland that lies beyond.” [Hermann Hesse] Only in this case the owner of the “Secret Flame” will be more than the owner of a jewel – a good friend, a good company and an inspired devotee. Then all will be in favour of that – from natural materials used for the jewel to the lines and shapes, suggested by Nature inexhaustible in its variety.

These jewels are made for that person, who won’t wear them to deliberately show his/her distinction or to the contrary his membership in a group. First of all it is a desire to feel the connection with the primeval Light, a heritage founded in us by the Creator himself and successfully forgotten by us. The “Secret flame” is for those who feel yearning for the light and beauty, the sorrow of remoteness from our true home lying beyond the limits of space and time but simultaneously for those who can see the unknown in the familiar left without attention and got ordinary – wonders, made by the Creator from common images.

For those are these jewels that following their sorrow for the out landed can feel joy and delight from the vision of His message expressed in the real world, in its every part from the biggest to the smallest. It can be experienced only by those who desire that, and only those can desire that whose heart is enlightened by the Secret Flame.

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